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About B&E Cleaning & Fixing Services

Located in the town of Lakewood, IL and expanding our reach to the vibrant Chicagoland area, B&E Cleaning & Fixing Services began with a vision to redefine home transformations. Over the years, our reputation has flourished, built on trust, innovation, and countless success stories. Each project we undertake is a testament to our dedication, reflecting our commitment to making homeowners across the region fall in love with their spaces anew.

At B&E, we believe that every home is a canvas awaiting transformation. Our team brings a rich palette of skills to the table. From home remodeling visions to the simplest of fixes, we approach every task with unmatched creativity and precision, ensuring homes across Lakewood and the Chicagoland area echo with quality and charm.

Our word is our bond. Entrusting us with your home is a responsibility we cherish, honoring it with transparency, integrity, and unmatched quality. For us, every project is a partnership, a collaboration that celebrates mutual respect and shared aspirations.

Our Guiding Principles

Explore the core beliefs and aspirations that drive B&E Cleaning & Fixing Services. From our mission to our values, discover the essence of our dedication to the homes of Lakewood and the Chicagoland area.

Our Mission

To transform homes in Lakewood and the Chicagoland area with unmatched craftsmanship, ensuring every space resonates with warmth and style, while fostering lasting relationships rooted in trust, transparency, and a shared vision for beauty.

Our Values

At B&E, our values are the pillars of our legacy: unwavering commitment to excellence, steadfast integrity in every endeavor, and a continuous drive for innovation, ensuring every home in Lakewood and the Chicagoland area we touch turns into a masterpiece.

Our Recent Projects

Our gallery is a testament to our expertise, precision, and passion. From intricate details to complete transformations, see for yourself the B&E Cleaning and Fixing difference.

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